• Off-road, forest and farm tracks with the tour guide
  • Dual sports enduro off-road
  • We get you ready for the big journey
  • Spectacular enduro trails included
  • Basic enduro training - safe off road

Training and tours with our lightweight dual-sport enduro Hondas

Enduro training and off-road tours in small groups (3-5 riders). Motorcycles: Honda 250 Enduro. Protective clothing included.  

1 day: €199
2 days: €370
3 days: €519  

More information on basic training

Dual-sport enduro and tours

with BMW F700GS, F800GS, R1200GS LC

Included: Motorcycle, instructor, complete protective equipment

1 day: €299
2 days: €580
3 days: €790

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Head off-road

No longer an insider’s tip: Majorca offers excellent opportunities for enduro riders. Forest and farm tracks, singletrail, technically demanding terrain and hidden beauty spots – discover all this with our dual-sport enduro motorcycles.

So that you can also find the hidden areas, we offer enduro tours for all ability levels. With introduction and basic training naturally. That’s what makes enduro riding on Majorca fun.

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But only with the right protective clothing

Mallorquin Bikes offers test clothing from Polo specially for enduro training:

  • Enduro upper-body protection
  • Enduro protective undershorts in combination with lightweight enduro trousers
  • 1 pair elbow protectors
  • 1 pair knee protectors
  • Enduro gloves
  • Special enduro helmet