• Majorca - made for enduros
    Instructor: Johannes Pfaff
  • Und auch da kommt man locker durch
    Instructor: Johannes
  • Ganz schön in der Patsche
    Instructor: Johannes Pfaff
  • Natürlich mit dem besonderen Ausblick
  • Einkehrschwung – freut euch drauf
  • Immer auf Nummer sicher
    Instructor: Johannes Pfaff
  • Ducati Multistrada. Geländetauglich!
    Instructor: Rainer
  • Auf dem Weg zur großen Tour
    Intructor: Johannes Pfaff
  • Wenn die schweren Jungs kommen
    Instructor: Johannes Pfaff
  • Enduro unterhalb vom Kloster
    Instructor: Johannes Pfaff
  • Rainer (links) und Johannes
  • Instructor: Johannes

Dual-sport enduro and tours

with BMW F700GS, F800GS, R1200GS LC

Included: Motorcycle, instructor, complete protective equipment

1 day: €299
2 days: €580
3 days: €790

Query/book dual-sport enduro training

Private dual-sport enduro training

As above, but as private lesson  

1 day: €399
2 days: €680
3 days: €890

Query/book private dual-sport enduro training

Ride safely off-road on a dual-sport enduro

Riding off-road on a “battleship” is a particular pleasure. Don’t be scared of the 1200 ccm – get some practical experience beforehand on our training courses:

  • Riding standing up, observing the route ahead, active influence through weight shifts and the correct body posture, the relaxed position and effort-saving driving technique
  • Braking while standing, braking not only to stop but for trial riding, uphill and downhill with hill turns
  • Stopping and turning on steep slopes
  • Braking with ABS / Braking without ABS on grit, gravel and sand

Off-road on fat tyres – no problem after the Mallorquin Bikes training!

And for those looking for a particular challenge: our private training



Our enduro programme: fun with gas and brake – two-day dual-sport enduro training upon arrangement

Have faith in yourself and ride our wonderful large touring motorcycles through the bush of Majorca – it exists, and we know where.

The programme:

Motorcycles: Africa Twin, R 1200 GS, Ducati Multistrada, F 800 GS, F 700 GS
Two-day training upon arrangement
Price per person: €580 

Our dual-sport enduro lightbox – click on a photo to open (driver: Johannes Pfaff)